XpertUniverse, Inc. (the “Company” or “XU”) redefines customer interactions and communications through XpertSHARE — its interactive, web-based, real-time expertise locator, full-media collaboration, and Web 3.0 enabled business intelligence solution –and its Expert on Demand services. Together, Expert On Demand and XpertSHARE allow expertise (or general information) seekers, or users, and selected experts (or designated subject-matter and customer-facing experts), to systemically exchange integrated, real-time human expertise and contextualized information through a variety of online media outlets, including open-web-based exchanges, professional networks, and proprietary interactive and rich media applications.

With the growth of social networks, expertise is readily available and is within reach of a more diverse segment of the population. XpertUniverse™ specializes in online real-time expert location services and live interaction and business intelligence solutions by leveraging new advances in technology and taking advantage of new trends in the market.

Constructive, personalized interaction with specialized experts across organizational and geographic boundaries produces the following results:

•          More responsive customer care

•          Improved business process performance and optimization

•          Direct benefit from intra-enterprise expertise exchange

•          Access to the best possible expertise based on problem-solving queries from end-users

Real-time business intelligence is obtained according to client-defined metrics. This aggregated data can ultimately shape future company policies and processes. In the past, such insight may have only been obtainable through word-of-mouth, or through analysis long after it ceased to be relevant. Finally, archives serve as important records for legal, compliance or other strategic business matters  – such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues, for example.

Expert On Demand and XpertSHARE enhance business process effectiveness:

•          New built-in capabilities allow the user to organize and improve expertise

•          Enables on-target access to the right expert – anytime, anywhere

•          Product users and Experts work together in a collaborative online environment

•          Aggregated data reveals business intelligence, which can be converted into a vital enterprise asset

•          Archives provide a business record, as well as a potential fiscal asset

The organizations that benefit most from Xpert products face the following issues and seek the following solutions:

•          Geographically-dispersed employees

•          Complex information-sharing needs

•          High-technology products and services

•          Efficiency up against tight deadlines and turn-arounds

•          Need for on-demand expertise in conflict zones

•          Skill-transfer and training applications

•          Online education and tutoring applications

•          Merger and acquisition initiatives

•          Need for real-time business intelligence

•          Regulatory compliance issues

•          Competitive intelligence applications

•          Social Media Applications