Message from our CEO

In today’s global economy, maintaining the “status quo” is no longer an option, and having a competitive edge may not only be vital to success, but also the key to survival. Most of us agree that the “crown jewels” of any organization are its people, as they are the ones who innovate and, ultimately, make things happen. This being the case, can you really afford not to know what knowledge your employees possess? Can you reach your full potential without utilizing the benefit of their expertise throughout your enterprise?  I hope the answer to the above questions is a resounding “No.”  Failing to recognize your employees´ potential in these areas could mean missing the opportunity to gain a significant competitive edge in the marketplace.  It is increasingly clear that organizations poised to win in today’s competitive marketplace understand the power of change. They realize that the key to success is in the ability to adapt to new ways of doing business, and to effectively communicate internally, as well as with their customers, around the globe. With the explosion of internet-enabled collaboration, video conferencing and other interactive technologies, the traditional workplace is changing in a radical way. Telecommuting is at an all-time high, remote office locations are much more common and accepted, and virtual communities and professional networks are developing to cover different aspects and functions of today’s enterprise. Without the knowledge and expertise of its employees, organizations cannot successfully perform even the most basic tasks. With growing competition and technological advances changing the landscape, focus will continue shifting towards the value that can be derived from leveraging the enterprise work force and maximizing the productivity and efficiency of organizations. To address the growing need for precision-based interactivity and on-demand access to workers with general and critical expertise, XpertUniverse has developed a unique platform, named XpertSHARE, and a service offering; Expert On Demand.


Victor Friedman

CEO and Founder

March 2008