When launching new technologies, you need a solid, experienced partner by your side. The XpertUniverse services team will help you maximize your success through the guidance of experts in various fields with experience in a variety of methods, tools, and alongside select partners.

The XpertUniverse Service team is a group of dedicated professionals, trained to quickly assess your company’s client situation and assist in determining the best possible way to strengthen and create new assets. Our solution consists of simple and easy-to-navigate steps, outlined below:

The XpertUniverse Services Process:

XpertSHARE and Expert On Demand allow XpertUniverse to use a utility to populate and structure all company information.  XUCM organizes data, enables the configuration of company rules, skill-sets, criteria, feedback data, and most importantly, can integrate with existing systems such as HR or CRM databases for bulk loading of information.

Our Methodology:

We will:

  • Identify and classify expertise and create skill-based ‘universes’
  • Create and/or optimize business rules of operation for interactions
  • Identify key business problems, frequently asked questions, and critical needs,  addressed by the XpertSHARE (XS) platform
  • Populate the XpertSHARE CM platform with the information from steps 1 through 3
  • Customize ‘the look-and-feel’ of the XS platform, and integrate it with existing data sources (i.e. CRM, HR, Financial systems)
  • Train personnel on how to use the XS platform efficiently.
  • Transfer skills to administration personnel to optimize, scale and maintain the platform