Many organizations, in nearly every industry or government sector, are large, geographically distributed and complex. So large and complex that experts, needed to solve critical problems or capitalize on opportunities, may be effectively unavailable to colleagues or customers.

This impacts an organization’s ability to effectively respond to their internal needs, or those of their customers.

Enterprise Problems:

  • Expertise is not fully leveraged, costing the corporation revnue and productivity.
  • Organizations turn to research firms and outside experts to solve problems, when they may have the resources themselves.
  • These inefficiencies result in additional costs associated with travel, and of hiring new resources.

Customer Care Problems:

  • Expensive hardware solutions – maintenance expenses, new hardware purchases are costly.
  • Geographically dispersed agents need hardware to be on the network.
  • High touch products and services are difficult to support via telephone or chat systems
  • Feedback is poorly categorized, qualified, and reused.
  • Failure to provide customer care at critical decision points, forcing the customer to turn to alternative sources for information – This most often results in lost opportunities.


Expert On Demand and XpertSHARE have the potential of transforming the way work is done in, and across, organizations. The ability to systematically and intelligently mediate collaboration across organizations, functions and geography can have tremendous impact on responsiveness, effectiveness, productivity, and ultimately the adaptability of an organization.

Many organizations, in many industries and the public sector, can benefit from sharing expertise.

Expert On Demand and XpertSHARE make possible the automation and management of many business processes, enabling the delivery of live human expertise, which have eluded information technology solutions in the past. XpertSHARE does this in a way that is easy and intuitive for business people to understand and use.

Expert On Demand can be used to positively impact the most challenging of business processes, including those:

That hinge on subjective judgments within complex rules, are cross-functional, possess high-risk decision points, or contain multiple routing scenarios with co-dependencies and complicated exception-handling flows — or where uniformity between process and work practice is critical.
Requiring a mastery of information sources that drive complex programs or intricate practices (e.g., compliance regulations).
Where performance is affected by know-how (e.g., competency, skill proficiency, certification, real-world experience).
Where distribution of resources due to globalization, remote workers, or joint development efforts with partners and suppliers incur productivity barriers such as time zones and different work shifts that impede process performance.

Please see our XpertSHARE and Expert On Demand section for more information about our Solution.