According to a recent New York Times article, with the world’s population growing and living standards going up worldwide, global energy consumption is expected to rise by more than 50 percent over the next 25 years. Locating resources to sustain this level of growth will become increasingly difficult, and will ultimately require new and larger investments in the coming decades. Furthermore, finding and maintaining the skills necessary to manage these resources will become more important than ever.

The risks of energy production include rising geopolitical barriers, cost inflation, dwindling availability of petroleum engineers, and growing constraints on carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, high energy prices might be here to stay.

The United States and Worldwide Petroleum Council has released a warning regarding the predicted shortage in qualified petroleum engineers and other oil-related professionals, a concern echoed by most oil executives. More than half the work force in the American energy industry is set to retire in the next 10 years, while few qualified individuals are entering fields like petroleum engineering or geological studies.

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