XpertSHARE™ is working to transform the economics of professional services delivery, open new markets, increase revenue, and promote company efficiency.

Companies in the professional services sector deliver a wide variety of knowledge-based services to their clients. Each service is designed to solve problems or address opportunities in a specific market – at a particular price or cost. The spectrum of these services and the skills required to deliver them range from customer-care-based support to specialized business and technical services.

XpertSHARE helps professional services organizations deliver a superior customer experience and achieve significant results in several ways:

  • Grow revenue by offering specialized expertise, simplified, and on an on-demand basis.
  • Lower costs and improve customer access to company expertise by consolidating existing ‘knowledge centers’ and effectively organizing the distribution of expertise across the organization.
  • Improve client and partner support by more effectively directing customer queries and calls within the customer service department, and applying existing company resources, knowledge and experience in innovative new ways:
  • Pre-sales support including research, proposal writing, technical support, and product configuration.
  • Implementation and pre-deployment support including business consulting and the specification of customer solutions.
  • Post-deployment support including customer services and assistance.
  • Client training across a wide spectrum of skills and specialized applications.
  • Develop a new and powerful business intelligence resource. The aggregation of expert advisory session data can reveal important trends and information that may influence the development of new client services, products and advisory methodologies, as well as positively affect future training and hiring practices
  • Create an archived record – useful for legal, compliance and other business matters.