XpertSHARE 3.2 (“Expert On Demand” offering) is a uniquely designed platform that enables live collaborative interactions with the right expert, live and on-demand, anywhere in the world. XpertSHARE Enterprise enables large organizations to categorize and manage their skills and intellectual capital, while making it accessible on-demand, to the employees that need it. XpertSHARE Customer Care enables any size organization to establish a virtual, worldwide, hardware free, contact center through our ASP solution.

  • Entirely browser based platform with no installation or download required

  • Cutting edge expertise, skill set, and criteria management platform.

  • Pulls existing database information from existing CRM systems to make data available in real-time before and during every live interaction.

  • Pulls data from existing HR systems and CSV files/spreadsheets to mass-populate expert management/routing platform.

  • Enables building of taxonomies, dynamic feedback, criteria, skill sets, and expert/user profiles to ensure precise and fast routing

  • Provides a powerful collaborative suite, with features such as Video, VoIP, Chat, Whiteboard, File and Application Sharing, PushURL, etc.

  • Archives every session and aggregates powerful business intelligence for either the agent or the organization to ensure quality.

  • Proprietary five-point routing algorithm based on User Profile Data, Criteria Selection, Expert Profiles, Presence Awareness, and Expert Ranking.
    • User/Expert Profiles contain data used for routing that is not user defined (geographic location, timezone, language preference, working hours, priority, client status, etc.)

Please click here for a diagram of the XpertSHARE Process

XpertSHARE consists of 3 main essential components; XUCM (XpertUniverse Client Management), the XU Collaboration Suite, and Business Intelligence:

1) Xpert Universe Client Management

XUCM is our proprietary client management utility for systems administrators, XpertUniverse personnel, or our services partners to configure and manage installations of the platform. XUCM is the virtual touchpoint for all of the additional components of the platform, as well as the central hub to which all systems are integrated. XUCM can push or pull data from CRM, HR, BI, or other systems within the enterprise or customer care center. It can also stand alone, offering a new, growing businesses the opportunity to leverage multiple systems without the headache of rolling them out seperately. Since XUCM is proprietary and mostly for our services partners/system administrators, we do not distribute materials or additional screen shots for this platform. Please contact us for a live demonstration of XUCM.

End User View

The end user sees a flawless platform, tightly integrated with your corporations internet presence. Entry points may vary from site to site, or on internal portals. A button, “Need Assistance” is installed in the portal, and when a user is looking for help, they are prompted by the system to define their problem or inquiry. Once complete, the user then submits the request, and the platform goes to work to find that individual the best available agent or expert to help them solve that problem.

Criteria Selection Screen

Collaborative Suite

2) Collaboration

Once connected, both the seeker and expert are brought together in our rich Collaborative Suite featuring:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Chat (Group or Individual)
  • PushURL Directed Co-Browsing
  • Whiteboard
  • Desktop and Application Sharing
3) Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence engine gathers and sorts all of the data that passes through the platform. Since everything is archived at the server level, session archives can be stored, tagged, and indexed for future review, training, or audit. Intelligence data can display all quantitative and qualitative information, from session time, to feedback reviews. Our Business Intelligence feed can be exported to any BI engine, including but not limited to; WebFocus, Cognos, and Crystal Reporting.