To stay competitive in the modern customer-care environment demands an immediate response to the unsatisfied consumer, a deep level of product education, and an overall commitment of quality by the product or service provider.

The XpertSHARE interface is ¨socially aware¨ and enables the user a high-quality and educational interactive experience. The Expertise Cockpit is the front-end interface of the highly-sophisticated, XML-based WEB portal engine which allows the client to easily adapt the ‘skin’ of the platform to consumer needs. The Customer Service environment operates through a match and route functionality, which instantly connects users with experts in an interactive session, and also provides a wealth of tools for monitoring, managing, administering and scheduling site experts.

The application’s live-collaboration toolset is VoIP based and includes video, audio, whiteboard, document and application sharing, instant messaging, text chat and web co-browsing functionalities.  These work together to create a more personal, one-on-one virtual experience. All sessions are archived for future use or reference, as well as for possible monetization of the audio-visual assets.

A Customer Interaction Dashboard (CID) profiles users, controls use of the platform (via configurable options and permissions), and tracks interactions and session history. This record database archives collaboration sessions, thus supporting business intelligence functions.

A Business Intelligence (BI) toolset allows important feedback to be harvested from the XpertSHARE platform and its databases. A key benefit of XpertSHARE´s™ emphasis on component integration is its ability to capture vital data points and organize them into analytical reports for business intelligence purposes. Enterprise management can thus leverage XpertSHARE-enabled data from expertise-exchange sessions in order to identify possible improvements.

The XpertUniverse platform was developed around a unique, highly-proprietary technology (with considerable Intellectual Property opportunities.) By creating a product that integrates proven, best-in class, and highly-scalable components, XpertUniverse has positioned itself as a future market leader, easily overtaking potential competitors.