XpertSHARE™, a web-based Social Expertise platform, provides a social environment in which users and Experts can connect and collaborate. Through this platform expertise can be located anywhere, and reached on-demand, via a sophisticated set of routing protocols which respond to the nature and urgency of the user’s request.

XpertSHARE™ is made up of industrial-strength components, including CRM, routing, collaboration and web-portal functions. A configurable and intuitive interface means the application is both highly-scalable and easy-to-use. The platform is 100% ¨socially-enabled, ¨ allowing users and Experts to share content, references, and results within an extended and exclusive community. XpertSHARE™ is also ‘portal compatible’ — capable of integrating with popular portal products, such as the IBM WebSphere Portal and others.
The XpertUniverse collaboration tools and technologies replicate a person-to-person, or expert-to-expert, session while optimizing bandwidth with the following features:

• VoIP Audio (in-bandwidth)

• VoIP Video (in-bandwidth)

• Whiteboarding

• Application Sharing

• Push URL

• Text Chat

XpertSHARE also features a number of technological advances not often found in other Social Expertise Sharing platforms, such as:

•          Skill-based routing

•          Expertise-based collaboration

•          Business Intelligence based on captured content assets

•          Processes and functions by which expertise may be captured, sold, or distributed

For the business enterprise client, the benefits are clear and tangible.  The ability to systematically and intelligently mediate collaboration across a number of diverse business functions will have a tremendous impact on overall organizational responsiveness, effectiveness, and productivity.

The XpertSHARE Enterprise Version includes the following features and attributes.  The application:

1) Enables Expert communities to be organized and aligned with current and future business challenges and opportunities.

2) Delivers precise matching and routing of application users to specialized Experts based on skill and business needs.

3) Identifies and brings users and Experts together to interact and address important business goals and challenges. Online collaboration sessions replicate a face-to-face meeting, thus facilitating communication and teamwork.

4) Archives the complete expertise exchange so that sessions may be mined and converted into re-usable enterprise assets. Session archives are also important records for legal, compliance and other business issues.

5) Captures and aggregates data based on client metrics to develop business intelligence that will enhance organizational performance in the future.